Friday, 19 October 2012


So if you haven’t already realised I get far too excited about shopping, any moment I have spare I’m dashing in to town or browsing the web on the look out for new additions to my wardrobe. So you can imagine my excitement when an exclusive pre-launch invite popped into my inbox from Mallzee.

So for all of you that don’t know Mallzee is a new website that is intending to make shopping online a more social experience. The concept behind Mallzee is that you’re in theory creating your own personalised mall...clever huh?! With over 200 brands already involved from Urban Outfitters, Boohoo and Office, its made easy for you to pick your favourites, add them to your boutique and Mallzee then cleverly suggests products that suit your taste.

For me the only problem with online shopping, is that I tend to buy things on impulse, with just one click and my bank balance has taken a hit, its all made far too easy. So that’s where the social aspect comes in. Mallzee is integrating with Facebook chat, questions, polls and ‘online wardrobes’ where you can show your friends outfits and get their instant opinions and save you from making those fashion faux pas, that lets face it we all occasionally make.

So it all sounds rather exciting. But the best is yet to come... Once you’ve designed your own mallzee featuring the brands and products that you like you can invite your friends to browse your wardrobe of purchases, and wait for it...if they buy anything, YOU earn money! Yes girls that’s right – Mallzee has come up with a way you can make money by spending it! For all you generous girls out there, Mallzee also give you the option to donate the money you earn to charities, everyone loves a good cause and Mallzee make it easy for you to a good dead and earn yourself some good karma :)

Mallzee will be launching soon, and I’ll make sure you lovely ladies are the first to know to make sure you don’t miss out. Although if your as excited as me and want to check it out yourself go to to sign up and even enter their competition to be in the chance with winning £100! 


  1. Great idea but yeah impulse buying online is such a problem for me too! xo

  2. Great Idea I impulse buy online a lot too

  3. You serious? That is freaking amazing!! Will definitely check it out :-)

    The Young Bridget Jones

  4. This is such a great idea, especially integrating it with Facebook chat etc... oh god help me and my wallet lol!
    Have a fab weekend hun :-)

    Vanessa x

  5. hi on there is a giveaway
    you have a chance to win suprise

  6. I'm soooo bad at impulse internet buying! especially ebay bargs ;)
    This site looks interesting

  7. Wow, so cool- it sounds awesome!