Friday, 16 November 2012

Crescent Moon

This is very unlike my usual posts, but I'm that in love with this Topshop highlighter that I feel I need to tell the world... and I'm pretty sure no one living within a mile radius of me would appreciate my shouting out of my window, so blogging my love was the next best option.

My usual highlighter was Benefit High Beam, but once that ran out I was literally itching to get my hands on the Topshop Crescent Moon. It is a beautiful multi-tonal highlighter in a velvet smooth powder that is so easy to apply to the skin. I love the noticeable yet subtle effect that makes it perfect for day to day wear. I purchased this about three weeks ago and its now worked its way into my everyday make-up routine and I can't see a reason why it wont be staying there! I really would recommend this to anyone looking for a highlighter. With a £10 price tag I would have to say its just as good if not better than the Benefit and MAC highlighters I have previously used. Although so far I've found it seems to be lasting forever, I will definitely be repurchasing!



  1. I want this so much! Looks gorgeous! xx

  2. I'm a big fan of Topshop nail varnish and lipsticks but have always steered cleared of their base products (it's from Topshop and it's going on my skin... what?) but this looks so good I'm tempted to branch out. Such a nice tone to it.


  3. Oooh it looks so pretty! I might have to invest!
    Rachelle x

  4. Such a cute post!
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  5. Great post hun :) I really wan't to try this highlighter it looks amazing!.

    Running a GIVEAWAY on my blog hun you should check it out!

  6. Beautiful blog and photos! :)
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  7. I keep seeing this all over the blogs & everything I've read about it has been so positive. Pretty sure I need this in my life. xx

  8. I've tried this highlighter and yes it is amazing! It lasted me for so long aswell, really good value for money. Definitely need to repurchase now you've reminded me! I'm new to this blogging thing so any support would be fab.

    Amy xx

  9. Ooh I have heard a lot about this high lighter but I don't have a top shop near me damn it!

  10. I've seen loads of reviews of this recently... I think I'm gonna get it once I run out of the mac one I'm currently using xx

  11. Great Review!! This looks gorgeous xx