Friday, 29 March 2013

Going Solo

Jumper - Charity shop / Trousers - H&M / Necklace - Matalan / Ring & Shoes - Primark

If you haven't noticed from the pictures already...I've changed my hair. I'd wanted a change for a while now, I was getting bored of the bright blonde that I've been pretty much all my life now. I couldn't be happier with the results, the colours exactly what I wanted..something more natural yet still relatively light. I even treated myself to some long extensions, I thought why not go all out. Hopefully I don't get bored of it anytime soon.

Now on to the outfit. this jumper was an amazing find in a charity shop by mum...she really is a bad influence on my shopping habits...I was pretty impressed the colour is right on trend for this Spring/Summer and saved me paying the Topshop prices for a similar piece. I teamed my new bargain with some statement trousers from H&M...I find myself wary buying statement trousers as I always question how much I will wear them, but for a bargain £12 I definitely think I'll be getting more than my moneys worth!

Hope all you lovelies are well and have a fab Easter weekend :)x

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Oh Boy

Top- Boy London via ASOS / Skirt - American Apparel / Watch - March Jacobs / Cuff - H&M / Shoes - Primark

I bought this American Apparel skirt a while back in the sale, but for some reason I've never worn it until now..and I'm actually not sure why as I really do love it, I love the tartan print but the fact its not too bright makes it a little less garish and more acceptable when wandering around the uni campus. Honestly some people round my uni can't handle the more over the top outfits, it always results in constant stares, especially when I head to the library in heels...maybe thats a bit over the top but hey ho you never know when you need to look your best.  I paired it with my boy london crop to give it a casual day time look and my bargain Primark creepers completed the look.

I'm on Easter break at the minute although it really doesn't feel like it, my dissertation is due in in less than a month alongside numerous other essays so I'm sat in every day doing uni work...I'm counting down the days till it's all over and I can finally have my life back. I hope you're all well and having a funner week than me.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How I'd Style #1

As you're probably all aware by now I love my midi skirts and I definitely love my monochrome. So I though't I'd do a 'how I'd style' post, featuring none other than a monochrome midi..don't be too surprised. Now putting this post together, has literally doubled my wish list, so apologies in advance if it has the same effect on you!
Look One
So I've tried to pick three outfits that are 'on trend' but reflect my own style. I started with the sport trend I'm loving all the oversized sports vests at the minute so I thought why not incorporate that with my other favourite thing, monochrome midis. I've teamed with a little crop to start with to add some femininity to it. Now I've wanted a baseball style jacket for ages but didn't know what I'd wear it with, but after seeing it pieced together with this midi skirt I think it may have to be added to my wardrobe. Now I've saved the best to last..please tell me you love this clear Adidas backpack as much as I do, it's perfectly on trend and completes look one perfectly!

Look Two
I've vowed I'm going to add more colour to my wardrobe this Spring/Summer so it was an easy choice that my next outfit would involve some bright clashing colours. The bright pink jumper compliments the monochrome skirt perfectly. As for accessories, I've opted for bright fun pieces. These shoes are seriously amazing and I'm dying to get them in my life. 

Look Three
After going to Bristol Fashion Week it confirmed everything that neon and monochrome and right on trend and even more so when teamed together. I choose a little crop top with a clashing print to go with the midi. A neon blazer to bright the outfit, and smarten it up and finished off with a neon clutch and some cute monochrome heels which turns this outfit into the perfect evening look.

Which is your favourite look?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bristol Fashion Week

I was lucky enough to be invited to Bristol Fashion week on Friday, it really was a day filled of fashion and fun. I was a little apprehensive at first, the thought of going to Bristol without knowing anyone freaked me out ever so slightly but after making last minute plans with Coral from Corals Closet I started to relax and the excitement kicked in. Now, as you will see in the photos me and Coral opted for ever so similar outfits, I assure you this was not planned...we rocked it all the same, it was almost as if we were in our own little uniform...we even had matching shoes, good old Primarni!

After finding our way and having a little look around we were pretty excited by the pampering zone and headed over to find out more, we ended up at bumble and bumble's table, where some super lovely ladies re vamped our hair...this really was a god send as the rain outside had flattened all attempts of adding volume to my lifeless locks. They used some amazing products, my favourite being the surf spray that they added on after putting some loose curls through my hair, and then sent us off with some samples that I can't wait to try.

After getting pampered we were given bundles of freebies from boots for their give it a go Friday campaign, I couldn't of been more impressed with all the samples that were given, my favourite being a generous sized bottle of Aussie shampoo and conditioner, for a skint student like me this was heaven. By the time we'd finished nosing around (and eating a cheeky McDonalds...naughty bloggers), it was time to head to the catwalk. We were greeted with mini cupcakes and glasses of bubbly to start off the show.

Mark Heyes and Andrew Barton presented the show with their witty banter introducing all the trends that were to be seen on the catwalk. Brands on the catwalk included River Island, Marks and Spencers, Timberland, John Lewis and many more all showcasing their take on this seasons top trends. My favourite being the amazing monochrome really did just encourage my love for everything black and white. I also really enjoyed all the beautiful floral prints, it almost made me forget that it was pouring down with rain outside. All in all the show was amazing, a great way of showing how you can be on trend whilst on a realistic high street budget.

After the show finished I met up with some other lovely bloggers, the beautiful Jess from Copper Garden and Tash from itssimplybeauty. The four of us girls giggled away whilst making the most of what Bristol Fashion Week had to offer, it felt like I'd known these girls for years..I couldn't of asked for better company, if you're reading this thank you girlies. Before I knew it we were doing what us bloggers do best, shopping! I was telling myself all day that I would not buy anything, but shopping with these girls led to some gentle persuasion and I ended up treating myself to a gorgeous orange midi skirt, that will no doubt be popping up on the blog very soon.

The amazing trends, good company and lovely goodies were just what I needed after a week of uni work and rubbish weather. Its safe to say the catwalk show has doubled my wishlist and made me even more excited for the Summer, the high street really have done a perfect job for this years S/S trends and I can't wait to get my hands on some of it.


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Make me Feel Alive

Jumper - eBay / Black top, Hat, Jacket & Jeans - Topshop / Necklace & Shoes - Primark


I've been after a Kenzo jumper for months now but the reality of it was I was never going to be afford one, so I was unexpectedly happy when I found a stupidly cheap dupe on've got to love eBay for its dupes. I'm no expert but for a dupe it's pretty flawless and the quality of the jumper is if your after one yourself I'd definitely suggest eBay. As for the rest of the outfit I decided to keep it pretty simple and classic to keep the attention on my new favourite jumper, trust me I've literally been living in it since it arrived and I'm not even nearly bored of it yet. And of course the outfit got finished with a hat, these roots of mine are getting crazy bad...thankfully my hair is booked in next week, but I still haven't decided what to get done..HELPPPP!

I'm off to Bristol Fashion Week tomorrow which I'm pretty excited about, but I still haven't decided on an about leaving it to the last minute. If any of you lovelies are going be sure to let me know and come say hi if you see me. After that I'm off home from uni for Easter, and I couldn't be more excited for my mums cooking and my home comforts.

Also lovelies if you haven't already and you like my blog, I would love it if you could vote for me for best personal style newcomer blog in the company blog awards you can do so by clicking here. I would literally love you forever!


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Girls Like Me

Jumper - c/o Vero Moda / Leggings - Topshop / Headband & Necklace - Matalan

Just a quick casual, comfy outfit to share with you today. I spent the day in the library so not much thought or effort went into the outfit, its sad yet true that university turns me into a bit of an outfit slob but all the same I thought I'd share with you what I wore. I won this jumper from a twitter competition Vero Moda were running, I was literally giddy when I found out I won and the happiness continued when it is literally the perfect pastel colour and makes a nice alternative from all the neon I seem to be wearing at the minute. I recently ventured to Matalan after being tipped off that it had some good finds, I wasn't disappointed I came out with a few goodies...this headband and necklace being one of them. I'd seen headbands in Topshop like this that I'd been tempted to treat myself to but couldn't quite justify the price so I was rather happy to find this beauty for almost half the price. I'd definitely say check out your local Matalan if you get the chance, especially the accessories they are perfectly on trend for this Spring/Summer.

Apologies for such a short post, this is probably set to continue for the next few weeks due to the dreaded D word...dissertation! I promise I will post whenever I get a spare minute. Hope you lovelies are having a good week :)


Saturday, 16 March 2013

What I've Been Buying #1

Topshop / Primark / Missguided / eBay

I asked in my last post if you guys would like to see a haul post of what I've been buying in the last few weeks and I got a big yes so here it is. Now all the Spring/Summer collections are hitting the shops I've been in a bit of a frenzy, since I've paid off all my holiday it's put me in summer mode now I just need to wait for the nice weather to turn up.

As the shops where I'm at Uni are lacking to say the least...we only have a Topshop, Primark and a River Island for a clothes hoarder like me this is not ideal. So I tend to resort to online shopping and in the last month I have become increasingly more addicted to eBay, every time I find myself a bargain I get far too excited. I nabbed myself this Celine style top for just £5.99 if you're after a similar one then check eBay out there always seems to be some floating around. I have a few other eBay parcels I'm waiting on so an eBay haul may be in order in the near future.

The fact I have barely any shops around me means I spend the majority of my time in either Primark or Topshop. My poor student budget prefers Primark at the minute and I really have found some gems. The gorgeous monochrome and blue dress has to be my favourite, probably because it's midi length and we all know my love for midis. If the warm weather doesn't hurry up soon I will be wearing this dress in this weather..I hate seeing my new clothes hanging in my wardrobe and not being able to wear them. Whilst on holiday mode I couldn't resist the purple bikini...March is definitely not too early to start bikini shopping right!?

Another trend I'm absolutely loving is the sports wear, so I couldn't resist this american style sports top from Topshop. Fits in with my casual uni day outfits. Expect to see an outfit post featuring this soon, I actually can't wait to wear it. In fact I'm pretty sure the majority of these goodies will appear on the blog at some point if they haven't already!

Another remind lovelies to follow my blog on bloglovin all this google reader/GFC shizzz is confusing me, but since using bloglovin I actually much prefer reading blogs on there it's so much easier and if you haven't I already I'd definitely recommend it as a way of keeping up with your favourite blogs.

Hope you're all making the most of the weekend x


Friday, 15 March 2013

World of Wonders

Top & Blazer - Topshop / Trousers, Necklace & Shoes - Primark

A month or so ago I couldn't stop raving about Primark...well my love is officially back. After getting a phone call from one of my friends saying 'Maddie, you need to come to Primark it has loads in.' I packed up from the library and headed straight to friends really are the worst influence. She was right though there was loaaaaaads I wanted, so if you haven't been in recently I'd say it's definitely worth checking Primark out for some cheap yet on trend pieces. Now to the outfit..these trousers are one of my purchases from Primark, they tick all the boxes..monochrome, high waisted, comfy, casual, the list goes on so for £9 I obviously had to snap them up. I decided to keep this outfit simple as the trousers speak for themselves..I teamed it with my trusty Topshop crop and a necklace with a pop of colour in. I'm also loving the whole casual yet smart mix that I've seen a lot of people rocking at the minute, so I thought I'd attempt it myself, so I finished the outfit off with a smart blazer.

I'm thinking of doing a haul post with the other bits that I've bought from Primark and various other places recently, I've never done this kind of post before so would love to know if it's something you lovelies would be interested in?


Thursday, 14 March 2013

One More Time

Top - Topshop / Shorts - Boohoo / Necklace, Bracelets, Shoes & Necklace as belt - Primark / Watch - Marc Jacobs

I'm clearly loving my crop tops at the minute, not really weather appropriate for this burst of arctic weather but I refuse to believe that it is snowing in my outfits are starting to reflect this, I am clearly in denial. Topshop never fail with the cute crops perfect for day and night..I always seem to be stocking up, a girl can never have enough right!? These shorts were a recent purchase from Boohoo, online shopping whilst in the library seems to happen far to often at the minute, but it was definitely worth it for these shorts the tassels on them are just so cute, I can't wait to wear these in the Summer with flowers in my hair..I don't know why they just give me that hippy kind of vibe. I seriously need to stop dreaming about Summer, doesn't look like it'll be coming anytime soon. 

My twitter feed has been going crazy today with the whole they are/they aren't going to be removing GFC/Google reader in the near future, so just incase this does happen I would love you all to follow my blog on bloglovin, click here to do so :) ...and please leave your bloglovin links so I can follow all you lovelies too! There is a petition I've seen floating round on peoples blogs in the hope to stop them removing this service, click here if you want to sign it.

Anyway I have to dash dissertation deadline is dooming and I have far too much to do, so it's back to doing work for the rest of the evening!


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Dream Outfit #3

Dream Outfit #3

I thought I would be bored of the monochrome trend by now, but I'm really fact I think I'm embracing it more and more each day. So I thought it would only be appropriate to do a dream outfit featuring my two favourite current trends...neon and monochrome!! Some of you may be thinking oh no not again I've seen it all before...but for me I just can't get enough. I mean come on how can you hate this outfit, look at those amazing shoes..Boohoo you have well and truly excelled, I need these bad boys in my life! Perfect for the Spring/Summer...when the weather finally perks up that is. If any of you lovelies have any monochrome or neon inspired outfits on your blogs be sure to leave your links as I'm always looking for new outfit inspiration.

Also if you lovelies like my little blog and would like to nominate for me in the Company Blog awards I would be forever grateful. You can nominate me for the Best Personal Style Newcomer Blog Award by clicking here or the image below.

Hope all you lovelies are having a good week so far, I'm already waiting for the weekend, uni work is slowly taking its toll on me..third year is not so fun anymore.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Do you see what I see?

Jumper & Top - Topshop / Necklace - Primark / Beanie - Ragged Priest / Watch - Marc Jacobs / Hi-tops - c/o Barratts 

I've been getting asked a lot recently what sort of things I wear to uni, to be honest the majority of the outfits I post are casual outfits that I have in fact worn to uni but I thought I'd share another typical uni day outfit to give all of you that have asked more of an idea. Today I'm wearing a long slouchy Topshop top, the cute out detailing around the shoulder is absolutely gorgeous making it a little bit more exciting then a plain vest. Unfortunately this weather hasn't listened to all my wishing, and the sunshine is still in hiding so I teamed it with a jumper I bought last year. I love the layered look this outfit has and although I haven't photographed it, my denim jacket will be chucked over the top for an added layer. And of course my uni day outfit wouldn't be complete without some form of hat on my head, early morning lectures means no time to do my hair, or usually it's down to me being lazy and wanting the extra ten minutes in can't blame a girl for that though!

Now for the my favourite part...the shoes!! Leopard print hi-tops, I am seriously in love. The perfect shoes to spice up *cringey saying alert* an outfit, especially for a leopard print lover life myself. Not only do these shoes look pretty damn good, they are ridiculously comfy. My favourite part about them is the zip down the side, meaning I don't have to worry about laces looking right, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to laces on trainers...I can never get them looking the way they looked in the shop. I've recently ordered lots of different colours of ribbon off ebay as soon as it arrives I'm going to be swapping these laces for another colour..I'm thinking red, just to mix things up and make them stand out even more. I'll be sure to show you lovelies once I've done it.

Hope you're all well x

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ways to Wear - Dunagrees

Hello lovelies!
Todays post is a bit different to usual, I thought I'd do a 'ways to wear' post featuring this dungarees I recently bought from Primark. Primark have definitely done well offering a cheap alternative, perfect for people like me who were a little weary of the dungarees trend and don't want to spend a lot of money. I found the thought of denim dungarees slightly daunting worrying I'd look like a big kid but I've found myself living in these dungarees since I snapped them up, so I wanted to show you how one item can be worn in different ways to create completely different looks.

Jacket - Missguided / Top - Vintage

Jumper & Hat - Topshop / Shoes - Primark

Top (old) - Gap / Hair bow - Topshop / Shoes - Converse

It just goes to show how one item can be worn in so many different ways, I'm still going to playing around with this dungarees, finding more ways to wear it as it is the perfect item for my spring wardrobe. What do you guys think, which one is your favourite? How would you style this dungarees?