Thursday, 13 June 2013

Suicide Blonde

Bracelet - c/o Suicide Blonde

I love having bracelets permanently on my wrist, I have quite a collection going on now..think it's something about summer...come September I'm sure my wrist will be full of them. And this cute little number from Suicide Blonde, is no exception I think it's going to be stuck on my wrist for a while. Suicide Blonde have a gorgeous collection of cute friendship style bracelets, in all sorts of bright, neon and clashing colours. Suicide blonde pride them self on ignoring the seasons yet creating unique different favourite part of has to be the skull, adding a gothic twist to the perfect bright pink bracelet. Perfect wrist wear for the day.



  1. I love these kind of bracelets, especially when they are stacked up on your wrist. I am sure this will add to your arm candy collection Mads! xxxx

  2. This is so cute, perfect for summer! xxx

  3. love this bracelet need to check out the site x

  4. Such a cute little bracelt love the skull
    s xx

  5. Yes, stacking bracelets is the most pretty thing ever. I usually only do it in the summer because in Uni if i'm wearing too many bracelets they tend to jingle which can sometimes be annoying to others. I am in love with rose-gold wire bracelets from easy.

  6. Such a cute little bracelet! I love things like this for the Summer, definitely going to take a peak at their website Xx