Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Instagram Insights

instagram - maddiedeanx
new tattoo / mirror pose / Prince lording it up in bed / from where I stand

instagram - louisamark
outfit snap / cute touches to the bedroom / mirror pose / new tattoo

Happy hump day!! Is it really Wednesday already? The days seem to fly by at the minute, I feel like I'm going to blink and it'll be Christmas already... is it too early to say the C word?

We've both been ridiculously busy with work at the minute - the Monday to Friday working week seems to take over and by the time we've finished the day we're more than ready for bed. Not quite the rock and roll lifestyle we'd prefer, although this cold weather does make it a hell of a lot more tempting to spend hours in bed!

I love instagram at the minute so thought we would share with you a little insight in to our last few weeks.. If you want to see more check out our instagrams and don't forget to leave yours as we're always looking for more to follow.


  1. Ive just followed you both on Instagram :) Love both your outfit posts, always sold on a bit of tartan and great tattoos xx

  2. Yay an original tatoo ! I'm sick and tired of all those feathers and dreamcatchers on everybody. Yours is really nice and beautiful !


  3. Great instagram pics, I've followed you both :) How sweet is that rabbit! xx

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