Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hump Day Happiness

“We’re half way there the weekend is nearly upon us! “.. *ten minutes later* “HOWWWW is it only Wednesday, surely it should at least be Friday by now!!”

Every week without fail I have that mid-week mental block, my motivation slowly dwindles and my mind is filled with thoughts of staying in bed and watching back to back episodes of my guilty pleasure…say yes to the dress, but instead I'm sat at my desk, unenthusiastically replying to emails wondering when it’ll be my turn to win the lottery.

Instead of this miserable mentality that comes over me every week, I have decided I am going to think positive thoughts…. Because positive things happen to positive people and all that.

So, here are my hump day happy thoughts and what I've to go be happy for today;
  1. I straightened my hair and it didn’t rain – it’s like a curse that someone has put over me, up until today whenever I have actually decided to make the effort with my hair it has rained and I end up looking, quite frankly, shit. I may have lost ten minutes in bed but my hair is looking sleek, straight and sassy and the rain is yet to ruin that..YAY.
  2.  I don’t have to cook tonight! Woop woop, that means more time on the sofa and an extra episode of walking dead for me.
  3. I'm wearing my brand now H&M coat for the first time, and it is as warm and snuggly as it looks. I am definitely not disappointed.
  4. My to-do list for the week is rapidly decreasing – ticking things off my list in time for the weekend makes me super happy. 
  5. Fresh bedding – I have newly washed bedding ready and waiting for me to get in to tonight. I am counting down the hours till I can put my mini mouse pyjamas on, my frosted vanilla yankee candle and curl up in bed with my boy.

However minor or small it might be there’s always something to be happy for and look forward to! So here’s to being one day closer to the weekend…Happy Hump day lovelies!
Maddie xxx



  1. Hump day blues is the worst. These sound like such good things to cheer up your day though
    Fresh bedding, cuddles and candles is a dream wednesday night!

    What Raj Wants

  2. This is the right idea to have such positive thinking and don't pay attention on the complexity level of the situation. Such approach will help to overcome all existing crises and be happy every minute. I've seen in blog how a young girl faced the depression and tries to defeat it. This is very motivational, especially when you don't have any serious problems.