Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Hello 2016!!

Hello 2016! Yes, I'm a couple of days late but Happy New Year to you lovely lot!!! 2015 has been a bit of a crazy up and down year, a hell of a lot has happened; I got a boyfriend, I got my very own house, I took on more responsibility at work, and whilst all these things are amazing and I'm forever grateful I lost myself towards the end of the year and needed some serious time out. I'm still coming through it now, but I'm feeling a lot more positive. Now I'm never usually one to set goals, I kind of just go with what I want at the time and then hope that somehow everything will fall in to place, but seeing as I want to get my life back on track I think this year I will set myself some goals to make sure I stay on track.

Work out – I'm pretty sure this is everyone’s new year’s resolution right!? But I am determined to stick to it this time. I joined the gym at the end of last year and got myself some gym gear and I'm ready to go. Getting in shape is a bonus, but exercise really helps me clear my mind and stay positive!

Work more on my blog – blogging is a hobby that I really do enjoy, but life commitments meant that this was the one thing I could sacrifice, I always had the mind frame that my blog could wait and before I knew it months had been before I had posted. I'm determined to work on my blog and better my photography in 2016.

Save Money – I'm not the worst with money, but I am by no means the best. I'm never one to say no to that meal out or those after work drinks, and before I know it it’s a few days before pay day and I have nothing saved. Me and the boyfriend have a few holidays booked and we also have lots of plans for the house which I'm determined to make happen in 2016. Turning down those unneeded dinners out and the new dress will sure as hell be worth it in the long run!!

Be more organised – the one thing that drives my boyfriend insane (probably not the only thing) is my lack of organisational skills – when it comes to planning trips and days out I am brilliant, but organisation around the house I sure as hell lack at it. So as a promise to Lloyd I will become more organised!!!

Fill out my happiness jar – I came back to work this Monday feeling with a major case of the back to work blues to find a happiness jar on my desk. The most lovely thoughtful present from a special colleague – everyday of 2016 I will put something in the jar that has made me happy, however small it may be, to remind myself that life aint all that bad!!

I'm already feeling more positive for the year ahead and determined to make this a year full of memories and progression!! What are your goals for 2016?